10 October 2016

01 September 2013

Happy Birthday Nate!

I sung Nate the Happy Birthday song this morning before breakfast and he happened to be at the table. After one line he realized what the song was for and while I was still singing he said, "Uh Oh!" I finished out the song with a smile as I realized what he was saying when he pretend blew out the candles. He was thinking to himself, "No way should we be singing the birthday song without a cake present!!"

13 July 2013

Jane in June

About a week before baby
About 3 hours before delivery
About 20 minutes after delivery, still in the water
About 6 hours after delivery, getting ready to go home
First car ride home, baby's about 6 hours old
First Crawford family picture
First bath, 9 days old

First smile caught on camera

 Pictures of some of the grands


Fun kid pictures


 The story of Jane's birth (short version):
3am I (Lori) woke with a biggie contraction
4am contractions are about 10 minutes apart and I went in to take a hot shower
4:30 I got Dave up and we started getting ready to head to Cape Coral
5am we call the midwife and she asks us to call back when contractions are around 4-5 minutes apart.
We got to my folks' house around 6am, kids all wide awake since 5am and ready for breakfast.
I laid down to try to sleep through contractions from about 7-8, and they're still around 10 minutes apart.
8-8:30 contractions are really strong but still about 10 minutes apart
8:30-9, closer to 8 minutes apart
without any slow acceleration, at 9:00, baby dropped, water broke, and contractions sped to every 2-3 minutes apart. we "ran" to the car, sped to the birth center and got there about 9:10 ready to push. called the midwife on the way who herself raced to the center. the bathtub was not full enough and the midwife had not arrived, so we were encouraged to 'wait' to push...the moment I could, I got into the water and the baby was born in the next 3 contractions. 9:34am Dave caught baby Jane Marie in the water and put her on my chest where she promptly fell asleep. She was covered in soft and gooey vernix, and cuddled there until the cord stopped pulsing. She is good at eating and sleeping and sleeps about 20 hours a day, still. Literally. All of the kids love holding her and are very gentle and caring. We are so thankful she is healthy and such a good baby - abundant blessings. Thanks for all the prayers and love!

21 June 2013

Pre-Four June

Slice of Life, June pre baby
Video at end is of Nate swimming!

31 May 2013