25 January 2010

Slice of January 2010

Sleeping babes during the same naptime:

Seriously, this was NOT staged:

Dinner at Grammie & Papa's - how much longer will Matt fit on the counter like that, and Abby fit hanging on mommy's arm?

Birthday present from Oma Motoko (Oma means Grandma in German). It's actually an art station - easel - but Matt found greater immediate use of it as a garage for his cars. Surprising.

A very favorite pasttime is looking thru magazines and books:

And Abby LOVES pulling up on everything. Won't be long before she's up and walking. Can she already be 10 months?

Family photos

Family photos

Abby's Baptism

Abby's baptism was on December 26th at St John's Catholic Church. What a beautiful baby - and she wore the same dress as Matt, Lori, and most of Lori's siblings and cousins.

Here she is "receiving the light of Christ" with the same baptismal candle used at Dave's baptism and Matt's too.

Cake design-ologist Katie's cake for the bebe:

Cousins Matt, Abby, and Lily

16 January 2010


We all have colds around here - first cold for either of the kids thus far, so certainly no complaints there. So we have encountered a new realm of grossness: bogeys. Matt's not sure what to do with them, except for to wipe them. On whatever. Yes, whatever. We have caught him wiping on the couch, on the kitchen table, on my shirt, your shirt, my pants...gross. After one incident, Lori says, "Matt, where are you supposed to wipe your bogeys?" And Matt responds, "On da couch." The moral of the story: Be careful where you sit.

Last night, getting ready for bedtime, Lori is getting the big kid settled down.
Lori: Matt, please get into bed.
Lori: Matt, I want you into bed.
Lori: Matt, put your head on the pillow, now please.
And Matt, standing at the head of his bed (two mattresses on the floor), bends over at the waist and leans his head on his pillow.

Abby can do two things on her own now - wave hi (sometimes bye) and clap her hands for patty cake. She keeps the right hand still and hits it with the other one. Isn't that darling?

She's also starting to eat some crunchy things like rice chex and life cereals. Gets more on the floor than in her mouth, but it's a start!

Abby wants to be wherever the action is. Which means, whenever there is a monster truck rally on the couch, she's there. And more than willing to gnaw on one of the cars. She isn't much good as pit crew, but she wins points for enthusiasm.

Love and gooey sniffles from us,

12 January 2010

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Who is that masked man?

I think I remember seeing him last year, too...

Best Santa EVER!

Christmas with the Culvers

The interminable car ride to Indiana and then to Missouri, then to Florida. It was about 92.5 hours in the car. Or felt like it.



The kids did pretty darn good for the length of the trip. High points were a fine lunch at Chick fil a (try the chicken strip salad) and dinner at Culver's Butterburgers. Those Culvers know how to do things right, I say.

The visit in Evansville was lovely. Mom and Dad are great hosts and dolled up the house just for us for Christmas. The youngest of the bunch enjoyed ripping/eating the wrapping paper, and there was a slam-dinger of a gift from Aunt Josie that the kids crawled through. And by kids, we mean anyone who's not a grandparent.

We also filmed a series of shots for an advertisement for the Snuggie:

"Fits a friend,

Fits the family,

And shaves off the inches."

Stay tuned for more...

06 January 2010

Two turtledoves

Our front yard Christmas photo shoot.