20 May 2009

With love

-Just a few tidbits to savor-

A favorite Matt story...
One day, driving home from visiting Lori's folks, Abby started hollering. The mirror only can show us one kid from the front seat since Abby is turned around, so it is often trained on Matt. Lori looked back, stifled a giggle and called Dave. Here's the conversation:
L: Want to know what your kids are doing? Here's Abby - (hold the phone in the back seat so crying is clearly heard).
D: Oh that's nice, how about Matthew?
L: He has his fingers plugging his ears.

Words Matt's started saying:
help (hep), stuck, stick, diaper (dipe), click (like for the carseat buckle), ham (for taylor ham and bacon)
Hi-ya and raising a leg like a karate kick

And some great pics and video.

01 May 2009

....bring May flowers

Abby wearing her (our) favorite little girl dress

Happy Birthday Mema!

Matt "helping" make cupcakes