18 October 2010

Sept videos

September - here and gone

So the story is that our internet is WAAAAY slow at the house, not sure why, and it means everything takes eons to load. SO this is coming from lori's work, thankfully loading very quickly.
September was a thrill. Abby is growing in so many little girl ways. She has a quiver-full of words she pulls out when she wants to, and can repeat almost anything back to you. Except stuff like Constantine and flatulence. No we did not test her on this.
So for you who are looking for a little eye candy, here you go!!

September shots

Our new play kitchen

One Shoe Abby - note: wearing her jams, shoe is on the wrong foot and she's probably protesting that she can't find the other one.

At the covered playground

Reading before bedtime

Saturday morning comics - NOT staged

Dress up

There was one of Matt like this in his little fish onesie:

In the kitchen drawer (mema - love the nightgown!)
With love and a bit tired,
Lori et al