31 July 2011

Practicing for school

Matt starts school tomorrow so we decided to practice lunchboxes at home. Tomorrow already; where does the time go?!? Any suggestions for toddler lunches that include peanut butter and marmalade? :)

28 July 2011

Piggy tails for Grammie

Abby's piggy tails are reminiscent of some other little girl's piggy tails from long ago. This should make Grammie smile...

27 July 2011

Visiting relatives

Fishing with Uncle James...."I caught a fish daddy!!"

Making ice cream with Carol, boy was it sweet!

Carrie & Drew get married!

Wedding prep day

Wedding Day

He couldn't see the bride, but he could see the bridesmaids!

After the ceremony

Amy & Fam. We love you, Lily & Kate!

The party

Abby's new "dancing face"

summer fun

First came a visit to the zoo

Then a stay in Orlando

The Rainforest Cafe for lunch. The gorilla in the background scared the pants off Abby.

The parrots outside the Rainforest Cafe were real and a little close for comfort.

Abby at the hotel's 'kid pool'. They loved the fountain in the middle.

Dave reading books on Matty's sleeping bag bed. He LOVED sleeping in the sleeping bag.

"Our" very favorite place in Downtown Disney - the Cars section of the toy store.

The kiddos chose a train ride over ice cream. Abby cried the whole time, and Matt got to stay on again thanks to the nice "engineer".

Then a drive through St. Louis, en route to Lebanon.

05 July 2011

Visit to st louis and time around town

Summer is here, what tiny bit of it there is, and it has been wonderful to have us all at home.

Dave and the kids playing angry birds, which is apparently addictive even to toddlers

Abby in the plane headed for STL

Carrie's shower (getting married July 23rd)

For Kelly (we missed you)

A Drew sandwich (dangerous/great place to be, between father and father-in-law)

Abby in a contender for the wedding

Package from Grammie & Papa to help with the car ride