08 July 2009

Roly Poly & the Teeth Monster

It's only halfway thru July and already we have a lot to share. Abby rolled over for the first time last week, the same week she started sleeping thru the night. She sleeps in a bassinet in our room for now; a small moses basket on the floor. She is a fantastic sleeper - unfortunately with the help of her pacifier - the middle three fingers on either hand. She often comforts herself to sleep with small, sweet sucking noises.

Matthew is cutting his far back molars. Poor thing is so crabby and doesn't know why, and has some pretty yucky diaper rash. But he is a trooper and he'll survive this. Just hope his parents do, too!

We also got a parent-mobile. Yep, a van. It is quite accomodating to all our many baby-sized odds and ends, and seats a whopping 8 people, so if you come for a visit, you can probably fit your whole family in the car with us. :)

That's about all we've got to share. Looking forward to an upcoming visit to the midwest to see family. If you're on our way, watch out - you may find our van lumbering up to your house!

xoxo DLMA-C

Matt in his old carseat - he's grown a little since...

Matt (3 months) in his carseat

Abby and her pacifier

New shoes from Grandma & Grandpa

Abby pics:

Matt at 3 months to compare babies. Similar eh?