26 February 2010

We heart February

Story from tonight:
Mom to Matt: Are you thirsty?
Matt: I am a boy.
Mom: Ok, is mommy a boy or a girl?
Matt: Mommy is a girl.
Mom: Is daddy a boy or a girl?
Matt: Daddy is a teacher.


Pirate day:

Amazingly, Abby was not complaining about this one:

We also heart you!

22 February 2010

she said! she said!

Our Abby "said" her first word yesterday. We've been working with her on a few sign language words and she finally nailed the word 'drink'. And then this morning eeked out a 'eat'.

She will be 11 months on March 5th. People keep asking, "Don't you have a 1-year old" and I (lori) say, well, my son is 2 1/2 and my daughter is 11 months. Oh yea, that is almost a year, isn't it?" And time goes by. She walked across the living room yesterday holding on to just one finger of dad's, her other arm swinging free. Looked like she was meant to do it. Time to babyproof another foot higher.