30 April 2010

HBD to Abby

We had fun this morning opening Abby's presents from Unc James & Aunt Cheryl...

Thank you, Crawfords!!

22 April 2010


We found some more pics from Christina and Tommy's visit here. Anyone like a cup of tea?

A picnic at the park


Look at Abby sitting patiently. We Culva's sat in them when we were little too.

Note the orange "bracelet" that Abby put on herself. She walked around with one on each arm for about 45 minutes. Her idea, not ours - she likes her bling!

05 April 2010

Abby Birthday to You

Abby is now one - and how this year has been so fun. We praise God for our sweet girl and for a year of good health and joy in watching her grow.

Boat/Swim day

Easter and more

04 April 2010

March: Out With a Lamb

We had two wonderful visits with Lori's siblings here in the FL. How did Lori not get any shots with Amy?? Guess that's what happens when a baby arrives and steals the spotlight...

From the visit with Carrie (and friend Kelly):


Grandpa's Birthday


Since we're so close to Abigail's birthday, we looked back at Matt, 1 year old:

We are enjoying a nice, kind-of-quiet weekend this Easter. We pray that you and those you love find peace and joy in celebrating Jesus remarkable victory over death for us all. It's about more than Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, y'all; hallelujah, hallelujah!