23 November 2007

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have one more very good reason to be thankful this year. Matt's still a good cuddler, so all those who will be visiting in December should bring your snuggle arms. He's holding his head up more now, and starting to grab on to things - shirts, hair, anything his little fingers will wrap around. Hope your turkey and pie was as good as ours; enjoy the pictures.

(Matty's little onesie has footballs all over it - a nod to the other season)

Other recent pictures

From Aunt Carrie's visit

Snuggling on a quiet weekend

03 November 2007

Matt at 2 weeks

Baby Matthew Two Week Stats:
8 pounds, 6 ounces
21 inches long (if stretched out)
Blessedly healthy
Sleeps often with periods of fussy

Mommy and Daddy Two Week Stats:
Red-eyed and frazzled
House in need of cleaning
Sleep intermittently with periods of fussy

Our future kids will no doubt stand amazed at the typical zillion pics of baby number one, but we're taking them anyway.

Likes his arms free when he sleeps

And sleeps

And sleeps

And sleeps

And sleeps

Note: We were awake for all these lovely periods of baby sleep, which, while appreciated, tend to occur during daylight and not when the stars are out. Thus our red eyes and periods of fussy.

Here with Daddy in the nursery (look at that baby six-pack)

Happy in his swing - a gift from Grandma Inez!

We are trying to avoid the thumb sucking, but it is so cute.

No tricks in this house - just treats from the resident clown

Matty's favorite sleepy position: all curled up! He is still so tiny and loves to be folded up and held.

Can you believe he fit in here?

Other newsy details of life in the Crawford house:
Dave has been back to work full-time now for a while and Lori is gradually dipping her toes in. She should be back in the saddle full-time in the next couple of weeks. Will be quite a change for her to work from home.

Matt is healthier than both of us - Dave nursing a cold and Lori still healing a bit from the delivery. We do love being parents in all the moments. We are looking forward to visits from family coming up in the next several months and continued precious moments with our son. It is still strange to think how different life is today from a year ago.

Thanks to all for your prayers, cards, gifts, and calls. We cherish your thoughts and words and can't wait for you to meet our little guy!

Love to all,
Lori, Dave, and Baby Matthew