28 March 2009

Week 38 and a bit

This is our 38th and a bit week of pregnancy number 2 and we are pretty close to being "ready" to go. Physically, it's been an adventure - we're typically a couple of pretty tired parents. But in these last few days/weeks, we are doing our best to really enjoy the heck out of being parents of an only child. All three of us will have a lot of change very very fast very soon so we're getting in as much Matty time as we can. (while much appreciating the childcare breaks by Lori's parents!)

This photo was from today, March 28th, at 38 weeks and 3 days - not like we're counting.

What a great time we have had with Aunt Carrie on her spring break!

Swing time

Say cheese:

Listening to an animal songs CD:

We love you and will post more as we are able to!

blessings and sweet dreams,

18 March 2009

In like a lion, hopefully out like a lamb

Our new favorite picture of Matt. He asked for a hat this evening and wore it around playing before bedtime:

Breakfast on a typical morning:

Helping dad open bday presents:

New game in the swimming pool:

Lori and new baby at about 36 weeks:

11 March 2009

Visit from 3

We had a really nice visit from Amy, Carl, and Carrie this last week:

If you ask Matt to smile, this is what he does:

Matthew and ice cream

His new favorite playground is our lanai, recently baby-friendliesh. We still have to watch him, of course, but he gets to play with the plant bins and rocks, and he is great with a broom.

On this day, someone thought it would be a good idea to give him a bucket of water. It was a cleansing experience...

05 March 2009

Nana's Visit

We had a great time visiting with Nana!