28 February 2008

Fun in the Sun

Matthew went swimming for the second time time a couple of weeks ago. The first, of course, being his nine-month womb time. He was not too sure about it at first, but started to play after a bit. Enjoy!

Baby Bear

Matty's started testing out his lower notes with a long growl. It's the cutest thing.

21 February 2008

Morning has broken

As anyone who has been around the wee babe in the morning knows, Matty is a cheerful and very happy baby. Bordering on giddy. I tried to upload a video, but it's 8 seconds too long. So you'll have to enjoy these instead.

07 February 2008

Little heartthrob

Video from Feb 7. Matty is so much more active these days, very animated and starting to gain a little control of his limbs. He LOVES his jungle and plays so well on it. Pulls down the butterflies all the time, and gets the music to play alot.

In the last couple of days, he has also started to arch his back - the first signs of mobility. We have emptied his crib of everything but a blanket at night, because we never know which direction he'll be facing when he wakes up!

More great photos:


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!



The Kat and the Matt

Squirmy the Wormy

He's got the whole world wrapped around his little finger


"The Baby" Series

"The Baby" Series
dated 12/30/07

The Baby Laugh

The Baby Scowl

The Baby Smile

The Baby Sneeze

The Baby Stare

The Baby Raspberry

The Baby Whine

Family Ties

For those that visit this site most often, these may look familiar to you, but we enjoyed going back through them...

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