19 September 2009

Someone's in the kitchen I know O O O

tired and ready to sleep, here are the latest pics of our very new kitchen. still needs finishing touches, but it looks really great. thanks to dad culver and uncle tom for the muscle, dave h for his finishing touches (including plumbing without the plumber's crack) and mom culver for the endless hours of bouncing abby and playing legos. if your name is not on this list but you are blood related, we will gladly give you the opportunity to do work for us so that you can be thanked, too. ;) he he.

we love you and as you can tell we are a bit feisty. come by for dinner ya hear?

lori et al

maple honey cabinets, black amoeba granite

matt finding a new corner to play in

and one of our little potty-trainer

11 September 2009

Sad and more tender

The mood around here has been a little sad since Wednesday evening when Lori got word that her old roommate's baby boy had caught an infection and quickly died. We write with heavy hearts, mourning with Becky, Heath and their daughter Abby for the passing of 10 month-old Hunter.

This news served as a reminder - unwelcome in some ways - that we could have to say goodbye to our kids or each other much sooner than we would ever have guessed. Please take the time today to love on your kids or grandkids or spouse. Our friends were living a normal life last weekend; this weekend they are burying their son.

And please pray for healing for the hearts of those that knew and loved Hunter.

With love,

Matt and Abby in a quiet moment