02 June 2010

May and Mary, Mary

Good stories:

In the car, all four of us riding along. Dave notes the gas gauge is on empty and says we need a fill up. I ask if we can make it and check the distance till empty number. From the back seat we hear Matt say quietly, "Come on car. You can do it."

Abby can distinctly say about four words now- duck, book, dada, and mm-hm (like 'yes'). Lori was testing out a new piece of art in the guest bathroom - a picture of an egret that Abby likes to call a duck. Here's how one of those conversations went: Abby says,"duck". Lori says, "no, that's an egret. Abby, say 'egret'" (right???). Abby looks at the picture, looks back at her and says, matter-of-factly, "duck".

And our humble garden (about a week ago)
squash, 1 carrot (the others didn't make it, corn, peppers, eggplant)