08 July 2012

Summer fun

Nate is quite confident these days!
And musically talented...
Taking after his sister on her makeshift "dance floor"
Key West - Lori's family girl's trip, and a little slice of heaven

Cooling off, even though it has not topped 100 HERE - ha ha northerners

You may recognize this as the location our wedding photographer got wet. This is St C's garden pool/fountain.

From Lori: I don't like this new version of blogger as I can't do as much/what I'm used to. So you'll have to enjoy them out of order and all mixed up. Happy summer to you, and please help my family pray for Aunt Barbara who is facing a recent cancer diagnosis and is in so much pain and discomfort she cannot eat. I pray for her to find strength and courage despite what she is going through.

Love to all, and please hug on your loved ones while they are healthy and near. oxooxo