08 June 2008

Chew toy

Cardinals fan (thanks, Aunt Carrie)

It's hard to tell in this one, but he just finished gnawing on a biscuit and there's a little something left of it on his cheek.

Split video to play one right after the other. Matty got new blocks from his Gramie and Papa (the Culvas'). We love to chew on them (all of us).

These days our bouncing baby of fun is requiring a lot of patience. Nearly overnight his separation anxiety has us both climbing the walls. We ask that you pray for our sanity and patience with wee one. We know this too shall pass, but it ain't fun!
lor and dave

04 June 2008


Sister Carrie (Miss Culver) does a BACKHANDSPRING!!!

Hi! This is Carrie. . Lori's sister. . . I'm borrowing the blog! At the beginning of the year, I announced at an ALL district assembly that I was going to learn how to do a backhandspring. . . although this looks kinda messy still . . and I had to do it with someone standing there to spot me, I at least did it (in front of my 3rd graders) and landed on my feet without hurting myself!! I also did a couple of front handsprings, just to knock the socks off my kiddos!! Almost 30 and still flipping!

02 June 2008

Colorado ready

Practicing hiking for mom, "horseback" riding for baby.

From Nana - this onesie is from Denver!

We hear it's cold in CO, so this outfit should be just the thing for cool nights. Or bulldozing. So cute.

New pair of jeans for the trip.