04 June 2008

Sister Carrie (Miss Culver) does a BACKHANDSPRING!!!

Hi! This is Carrie. . Lori's sister. . . I'm borrowing the blog! At the beginning of the year, I announced at an ALL district assembly that I was going to learn how to do a backhandspring. . . although this looks kinda messy still . . and I had to do it with someone standing there to spot me, I at least did it (in front of my 3rd graders) and landed on my feet without hurting myself!! I also did a couple of front handsprings, just to knock the socks off my kiddos!! Almost 30 and still flipping!


Lori & Dave said...

you're the best. i'm so proud of you!


Dave & Rebecca said...

I'm as impressed with your saying you would do it as I am with your performance. Talk about nerve!!
Way to go.

dave (sr)

Laramie said...

You're awesome, Carrie! I wish I could have been there in person to see it!

Such an inspiration!