15 May 2007

Week 18

Even though we opened this blog several months ago, it has taken us till now to make our first real posting.

Dave's graduation was just a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed having his family all in town for the special occasion and some of Lori's family too. Dave graduated with flying colors, sat in the front row, and even ended up in several photos on the Naples Daily News website.

Mom Inez and clan

We have had help overhauling (or updating) our bathrooms in recent months, and we have our dads, Dave's brother, and Lori's uncle to thank for so much hard work and guidance. One bathroom is still under construction, but we're excited about what it will look like as soon as it's ready to go.
Dad Crawford and Dave in the yard

James and Dave in the shower

And baby news from Lori - According to our calendars we are in the middle of week 18 of our pregnancy, and that means our little bumpkin is about 16 weeks along in development. The latest calculation is that baby E is about 5 inches long head to rump, so about the size of a big onion. Anytime now I'm told we'll start to feel some movement, and I sometimes sit still to see if there are butterflies in there or not. I've had up and down days, and now in my fourth month am starting to have "out" days. Pants, shorts, and skirts are all starting to get tighter, and the baby bump is starting to get noticably bigger. I think it's time for a shopping trip... :)
Belly at about 11 weeks (April 13-07)

Belly at 16 weeks (May 14-07)

love to you all, Dave & Lori & bebe