23 April 2008


If you have not guessed, MTV in this house means "Matthew TV".

Roll screen!

20 April 2008

Spring break

Dave was on spring break the last week and we enjoyed having him home. Baby Matthew continues to shed his baby-ness, getting cuter by the day. He's fully mobile now, doing the army crawl. He can get himself to any part of the room he wants to now, which means we have to watch what's on the ground!

With Dad - pre haircut...

And with mom just after she wielded the scissors. He was due for a trim!

He also had his first bites of solid food, which meant getting out the high chair. He seems to enjoy sitting up at grown-up height, so we strap him in every now and then when we're in the kitchen. Amazing what kinds of toys can come from your cabinets. Matthew's quite the wooden spoon drummer.

First time in the high chair

Right before the first meal (rice cereal - ick!)

One more for good measure - this is Lori's favorite onesie on Matthew and it's the last time we got him to squeeze into it.

love to you and yours, lori & dave

03 April 2008

Out like a lion (on all fours...)

It has taken long enough for me to get you new pictures, and you're not imagining things if you see the baby boy we had just 5 months ago is now a little boy!!

Major accomplishments in the last month:

Turning over and rocking on all fours

Drinking from a sippy cup (still getting used to this one)

Riding on dad's shoulders

Finding baby toes

Sucking on baby toes

Putting weight on little boy legs

And a few more to enjoy