05 January 2009

Has it really been that long? We can see how it is that the first-born baby is in upwards of 500 pictures from the first month of his/her life and following siblings are lucky to have their heads chopped off in about four. Time has been very full and demanding of us, and the camera that broke/got fixed broke once again in the interim. Excuses aside, here is the update....

Today is the first day back to school for Dave and it was a toughy. Two heavenly weeks (packed nonetheless with things to-do) we hope for a good start back and for tranquil and sweet third-graders sitting with their hands folded, ears attentive, in his classroom. Can you hear the peals of laughter?

Matthew continues to grow taller and smarter (perhaps more mischevious?). He can speak several words now: fish, dog, duck, baby, up, dad. He makes sounds for other words: bear (growl), truck (brrr), plane (pshhh). He can also speak a few sign-language words, which makes life a bit easier around here: eat, drink, and more. He is a good little boy, not really quite a baby any more, especially in t-shirts and shorts rather than onesies. Matt is still not a great napper, but we are spoiled with his sleeping at night. He has aversions to creepy things like lizards and bugs, but once YOU touch them, he sometimes will. He LOVES fish, planes, trucks, and christmas ornaments, and will eat just about any fruit but few veggies. He really is a charmer, and we hear that from others, so we know it's not just that we are biased.

Lori is growing ever-bigger with baby B on the way. No we still do not know if we are having a girl or a boy, and no we will not know until he or she is born. Due date is April 7th, so we are about 3 months away from baby time. Work is so good, and we are about to launch into the "busy" season (winter in Florida), which inevitably means more to do and to think about. If you live in town, check out our website and blog to see what's coming and know that you are warmly invited to take part in our parish's activities. (links at left in the menu).

The last few weeks have been full of family and friends and our home has felt warm and cozy with their laughter and conversations. If you visited and are reading this - thank you for coming!

From November:

From December:

About 5 months along

Mixing and Stirring

Balls bounce...and so do checks!

Child Labor Laws Poster Child

In case he falls over:

Bird wind chime present

Psh rug (fish rug)

Elmo books (with psh in them)

And a video from Sept (visit to St Louis):

Peace and joy to you in the new year,
The Crawfords