12 January 2010

Christmas with the Culvers

The interminable car ride to Indiana and then to Missouri, then to Florida. It was about 92.5 hours in the car. Or felt like it.



The kids did pretty darn good for the length of the trip. High points were a fine lunch at Chick fil a (try the chicken strip salad) and dinner at Culver's Butterburgers. Those Culvers know how to do things right, I say.

The visit in Evansville was lovely. Mom and Dad are great hosts and dolled up the house just for us for Christmas. The youngest of the bunch enjoyed ripping/eating the wrapping paper, and there was a slam-dinger of a gift from Aunt Josie that the kids crawled through. And by kids, we mean anyone who's not a grandparent.

We also filmed a series of shots for an advertisement for the Snuggie:

"Fits a friend,

Fits the family,

And shaves off the inches."

Stay tuned for more...

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