22 October 2007

Welcome to our world!

How blessed we are! We welcomed baby Matthew Crawford into the world on Tuesday, October 16th at about 6:30pm. He weighed in at 8 pounds and stretched to 20.5 inches at birth. What an adventure it has been for us!

Dave and I thank you for all the calls and cards and love you have shared with us. If we have not called you back, we're probably up to our knees in diapers (or passed out cold on the couch!)

Enjoy the pictures - there are more, but we did not want to overload the blog server.

The morning of the delivery:

Dave, Lori, and Baby Crawford:

8 pounds exactly:

Day 2 (Wednesday):

First bath in the hospital:

Day 3 (Thursday):
Going home day!!
Today Baby Crawford was officially named Dave Matthew Crawford.

Mom marvelling at the tiny toes:

Stuck out his tongue and surprised mom:

Back at home:

First bath at home:

Day 7 (Monday):

Caught sucking his thumb:

How blessed we are.

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