16 May 2008


How time flies so quickly by. April 26 was a friend's birthday and that night at her party someone mentioned to Lori - "Did you know Matt can pick up his knees?" He had been sliding around on his tummy, effective but not fast. In the span of just about a week he had mastered crawling and starting to pull up to his knees. Not far behind is the full-on pull up to standing. Quite dangerous as he's still pretty shaky and does not always land the handhold he aims for. Matthew has bumped his noggin on nearly everything 18 inches from the ground.

Johnny Jumper to practice standing

Pulling up

Swimming with Gpa and our cousins - Kyle and Cooper

Matthew LOVES looking in the mirror, and not just at himself

Sweet baby

Pulling up on the crib which has since been lowered!

Fave picture of Matt with Lori's parents. Look how they're holding hands.
Mom and Dad Culver get the biggest props for taking such good care of us. We have been blessed to have them in town to play with us and teach us new things (Lori and Dave included!) Lori's mom has also served as babysitter to Matthew regularly while Lori works - a huge help to us! Thank you for everything!

Be praying for the rescue efforts for those in Myanmar and China. All those people affected. And Lori's Uncle Tom made an interesting comment - Chinese families are only allowed one child per family and then they usually tie tubes to prevent future pregnancies. For so many of them their only chance at parenting and continuing to the next generation has died in the earthquake.
If you are looking to make a contribution to the rescue efforts, we know of no better charity than Catholic Relief Services. It is a wonderful organization that serves as first responder for disasters like this. More than just passing out water or food, they stay longer term to help people get back on their feet. Also has one of the lowest percentages for administrative costs of comparable charities. Check it out at www.crs.org.

Blessings to your family,
Lori & Dave +matt

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