26 July 2008

Wagons Ho

On the drive (probably the first leg since Matt did not sleep well in the car after that!!)

Creede, Colorado
We stayed at the beautiful Antlers Lodge in a darling cabin (on the right in this picture). Can you see the deer on the hill between the two cabins?

Lunch on the porch of our cabin

On the bank of the Rio Grande right in front of our cabin

The Crawford menfolk

Bebe al fresco

On the Continental Divide

Visiting a waterfall (right behind us). Don't step backward!

Estes Park, Colorado - site of the Mema Jeanne Kent family reunion

The Culvas

Johnsons and bebe

Tyler feeding Matt

Hike around Bear Lake (in Rocky Mtn National Park)

Matt's first snow

Boulder, Colorado (a day trip from Estes Park)

Trip across Trail Ridge Road, the highest, longest paved road in the entire universe

Grand Lake, Colorado - site of the Maloney family craziness
Winding River Resort

Hike to a beautiful waterfall

Couldn't go without a nod to the Creator of so much beauty! We were surrounded by grandeur beyond words.

And the quirks of science that produced Lori's name in peanuts.

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