26 September 2008


New pics are on the horizon, but we are not entirely sure where the cord for the camera is - maybe these pictures should be a clue...

Matthew has learned how/when to wave. It's the most darling thing. If you call on the phone, he probably will wave at you. If you call on skype, he'll wave at you. So cute. Lori and Matt were both down for naps this afternoon, each on their own couch. He woke up and got down off the couch (he's also learned how to get down off things by putting his feet first). Matthew walked down the length of the couch toward mom's head and when he saw eyes open, he waved. Can it be cuter? Oh yes it can. He's also learned to raise his arms like a goalpost when you say "touchdown!" And we get to do this all over again with B.

Love to all,
lori et al

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