06 August 2009

Groove thing

Of all the video and pictures we took on our 3-week vacation, this is posted first because it is, perhaps, the single cutest thing he did the trip. Plus posting it came as a special request, and we (lori) have not gotten through all the other pictures.

He was truly the hit of the party.

Others from the Maloney side of the family:

More to come....



Sarah said...

All of you are sooo cute! Love you!

Sarah said...

Is this your brothers wedding btw?

MamaK said...

He is TOTALLY the hit of the party :) I love it!

Have fun with those papers and admin stuff- I'll join you in the knee-deep room in a few weeks!

Soon To Be Smart said...

OK! This is adorable! What a little GROOVE-Monkey! I miss you guys so much!!! ♥u