05 October 2009

Traka crash

Well we don't much have infants around here anymore. Matt's definitely a toddler (and in his head he's officially '2') and Abby's graduated from infant to baby now - nearly crawling, pretty ok at sitting up by herself, and growling just like Matt did in his younger years.

A couple of cute Matt stories:

Dave and Lori were in a lively discussion at the dinner table and Matt kept touching Lori's foot on which a scab was forming after an unfortunate slip at the mall. Distracted by the conversation, Lori finally looked down to address the boy. He was touching a pop-top container to Lori's scab, saying 'boo boo messin' and then putting a teething ring on it, saying 'boo boo tika'. When we have boo boos, we put on it the medicine and then a 'boo boo sticker' (bandaid). Our little medic.

Then, the other night, Lori said to Matt - "I love you" and he said back "love you". Then Matt turned to Abby and said "love Abby" (first time to say it unprompted). Lori, surprised, said "you do?" and Matt said to Lori, "I do". He is now getting the "I" versus "you" meanings, and is also understanding the concept of plurals - he says one dog, two dogS. So fun to see him learn the language.

Abby is now bottle-feeding with pumped milk about once per day, and in the last week we tried solid foods once again. She apparently has taken to it, as the sitter today said that Abby downed a 5 oz (full) bottle of milk, a 5 oz jar of baby food with oatmeal, and half another jar of mushed bananas. I (Lori) think Abby takes after her mom. yikes...

These clips are all from the last month.

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MamaK said...

I love the parallel play pics! and your kitchen is *gorgeous*.
Will we ever hear what the spirited dinner conversation is about?!