18 November 2009

Abby Opent!

a few fun stories to add to the mix...

Sunday Matt woke up in the morning and as is usual, tore his room apart (the result of the move to the big bed). After he tires of strewing across his floor every pair of shoes, every stuffed animal, every book and toy he can reach, he starts messing with the doorknob out of boredom. It was a "sleeping in" morning so we finally hear a clear and crisp voice (not from the other side of the door) "Matt did it. Open door." Sure enough, he has figured out how to twist the doorknob. Welcome to the next phase of babyproofing. What a silly little oxymoron.


Another just awake story...Matt had been playing in his room after a nap yesterday (monday) and so Lori seated Abby right in front of the door, then cracked the door and jetted around the corner. When Matt opened the door, all he saw was Abby sitting on the floor. After a moment and an "OH!" he declared, "Abby opent". Oh the fun games there are to play.


Abby is on two solid feedings a day now. Favorites are sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and applesauce. Not a favorite is peas. We're also getting her to sit in the high chair and it's really funny because her head just sticks out just over the tray. Pictures to come.

Love to all.

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