05 November 2009

Boo to the Crew

We only had two guesses as to the last post's answers. Neither were right. We feel much less bad now about not knowing what Matt's talking about half the time.

First puzzle: Twinkle star up in the sky.
Second puzzle: peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

As of November 3 our little baby Matt moved into a big boy bed. He had been tucking himself under our big bed's covers a lot lately, and that interest, coupled with his occasional requests for being put down into the big bed in his room and the fact that he's been doing a little more adventurous climbing gave us reason to give the move a try. He's such a darling little guy, tucked into the sheets with his little nightlight on. Thanks to Lori's Mema for the nightlight of a little praying girl. The first night we lit it for him we called it "little Abby" and the name has stuck. Sometimes he still exclaims "little Abby!" with great surprise, as if it's been weeks since he's seen her.

Today Lori was getting ready for books before naptime (for Matt, not Lori) and Matt picked out a book - a Taggies book of a song. I asked which book he picked and he says, "Happy know it...................cap cap!"

We are more than half-heartedly potty training Matt and he went one day dry in his unders until 2pm. He rarely recognizes a number 1 coming, but can catch a number 2 about half the time. And every visit to the potty gets him an M&M which he is always happy for.

Abby is growing like a weed. She sits up about 99% of the time without tumbling over. She crawls on her knees, graduating from the army crawl. She's always had very strong legs, and loves standing up. She can even push herself up to standing with her hands on the floor. No talking at all from her yet, but lots of giggles and smiles. Such a happy baby.

Enjoy the fun from Halloween. Matt liked "mitzin" the pumpkin but would not get near the pumpkin goo. Props to dad dave for his most excellent carvage.


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Dave & Rebecca said...

Hey guys, love the pics, we can not wait to give those two lots of hugs and kisses.

Grandma Becky