05 January 2010

Some words

Hard to believe it has been nearly a month and a half since the last post. Bet the kids look pretty different from that!

Pictures to come, but here are two stories to share a slice of life from the Crawfords' morning and to remind us that even when little boys are 2, they are still sweet (somewhere, somehow).

Woke at about 7am and tooled around our room while Dave shaved and Lori squeezed five more minutes out of the alarm clock. Lori gets up to jump in the shower and Matt - totally unprompted - opens his arms wide and says, "best mommy daddy ever". How about that?

Woke about 8:15am and squawked a couple of times before Lori could get her. Went in, picked her up, and on her hip, Lori cooed, "hi" to Abby. Abby, still staring a bit groggily off into the distance and without a smile or anything, waved "hi" back.

We love you and promise to post some goodies soon.

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