17 August 2011

Almost time...

August 1 was Matt's first day of school and a day of work training for school too, so we landed a shot of the boys ready for school.

And here's the two kids:

And the 'almost time' pics. These belly shots are from about 36/37 weeks.

And a great video presented in series of the kids interacting with their little sib.


MamaK said...

this is AWESOME! Kaden's running commentary: hey, who's that? oh right. I remember. Who's feet are those- HEY, WHOSE FEET ARE THOSE? hahahaha it's Matthew, hahahaha. I can blow bubbles on ms. lori's baby belly too. I have a brother. (Who?) My cousins. I want one of those (what?) - a baby. When can we see Matthew and Ms Lori again?

Lori & Dave said...

oh sweet. can't wait for a visit with you guys, too MamaK! next time we visit we'll probably have three to wreck your house!!