19 September 2011

Home Sweet Home

Life is bigger now with three, somehow. At least the mountains of laundry are...
Nate is a dear baby, another healthy sign-off from the docs today. He sleeps endlessly (oh, except for about 2:30am...) but is such SUCH a cuddler. He could hang out in your arms all day. The older kids love him to pieces.

In other news, Abby is becoming quite the performer, although you are lucky to nab one of her routines on the camera. Matt is a great big brother to Nate - helps soothe him when he cries and puts in the pacifier when Nate is fussy.

His going-home from the NICU outfit (thanks T&N)

Home in Nate's crib


In the NICU with Lori

Just before we moved Nate into the NICU

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Walk with Me! said...

Oh my. His little rapid breathing. Breaks my heart to see this. I'm so very glad he is doing better and is at home with you guys, where he belongs. I love you guys. Missey