11 November 2011

Gifts for the kids

Didn't know of a better place to put this, and please don't read this as a request for gifts. We are always grateful for the gifts you give us and the kids, so here is a list of ideas if you are looking for something for them.

both M&A
small solar calculators
book -how to fold origami and the papers to go with
educational games
sight word flash cards (homemade great!)
fun-shaped soap
crafty little kid kits or materials
butterfly net
a photo book of you or the family
pretend things like a cash register, felt play food

for abby
anything ballerina
anything pink

level 1 reading books

bottoms 4
tops 4-5

bottoms 2
tops 2
shoes almost ready for a 6

We have plenty of cars, dolls, stuffed animals, legos, cars, coloring and board books, and did we mention cars? :) Thanks for all of you for doting on our family so much; we don't need gifts to feel loved in this family!

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