12 June 2007


We had a great time in Colorado - nearly a week of mountains, creeks, boulders, elk (or deer, we couldn't tell which), and even snow. Dave was in heaven with the cool weather and Lori spent the week bundled up in layers of polartech.

Saw some of the most beautiful landscape God has created, shared picnic lunches, spit cherry pits out the window of the car, and explored Red Rocks Ampitheatre, very slowly, on foot. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Here is Dave on our drive thru the moutains west of Denver, to Central City:


Red Rocks Ampitheatre

Lori at our first stop in Rocky Mtn National Park

Snow angels near Bear Lake in Rocky Mtn National Park. Yes, it was snowing and extremely cold.


Elk? Deer? Really big dogs?

Lori and Dave almost to Trail Ridge Road; the road that takes you from one end of Rocky Mtn National Park to the other. Happened to be under 3 feet of snow the day we went, so we drove up as far as they'd let us, froze our bunskies off, then went back down.

(Closeup) Dave and Lori at Red Rocks

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Carrie said...

What a fun trip. . . and you didnt take Auntie Carrie because???