12 June 2007

Halfway There

Monday was our second of two ultrasounds to make sure baby is developing normally. All checked out. Lori's family got to come see the ultrasound since they were in town, and the tech was so gracious - turned the room into a mini-theatre and spent extra long on showing us the little parts (not all of them!).

The baby is healthy, about 14 oz, heartbeat 142, and kicking and squirming in there like she's getting ready for a swim meet. Lori started feeling the movement in Colorado but did not realize it was baby until we got back home to Florida. It feels a bit like the rumbling of a hungry tummy without the noisy growling. We both love the feeling of little elbows and knees and it is still awesome to us this entire process.

We tried to upload ultrasound pics to this blog, but they would not take, so if you want to see the cutest nose and toes in utero, drop one of us an email and we'll send them.

Here are some belly pictures from Colorado. We were at about 20 weeks at this time.

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Dave and Becky said...

Thanks for including the Blog address in your email!!! We had not had a chance to look at it and this was a good one to start with!! Have a little trouble seeing much 'belly' sticking out but will take your word for it. Keep up the good work!!
dad c