13 July 2007

25 weeks and counting

Can it really be a month later? We are at the end of 25 weeks of baby development, which means baby's over a pound and a foot at this point. He or she is scrunched up in mom's tummy, and our favorite thing is to feel around for elbows, knees and tiny little bottom lying close to the surface. When Lori lays on her back in the evenings, baby seems to be the most active. Pressing around it seems sometimes that the baby kicks us back. We are starting to really see our growing bumpkin as a little person with little fingers and little toes and little eyelids. And with so much movement, we're likely to have a very active child on our hands!
Here are the latest belly shots dated July 2. Doesn't seem to be too much change from before, but we have three months left - plenty of time to grow!

Mom Lori:

Daddy Dave:

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