15 August 2007

30 Weeks and beginnings

Hello loved ones,
This week's theme seems to be "beginnings".

After a jolly time in the UK, and a safe but long return to the states, Dave is preparing head, heart, and classroom for the incoming third graders. It is a new grade level for him which means new texts, new co-workers, and a new room. And incidentally, lots of almost-new stuff too - the teacher he replaces left lots of goodies to help make the classroom feel festive.

Master's degree in hand, Lori begins a new job in religious education tomorrow, leading the fifth-grade-and-under programs of their new parish. Sometimes leaving a place can be as difficult as staying, and while it is good to be moving on, she and Dave leave some wonderful people. We are thankful to not be moving cities as yet, so we can continue to stay connected with our Columbkille parish family.

What exciting times for the Crawfords - and extended family as well. Two other family teachers begin their work this week (one in her first classroom) and a friend of the family is preparing himself for mission work overseas. Lori's sister launched herself into a new mission field on Monday to serve and mentor college students in Ohio, and our brother-in-law is also in a new field, stepping from the traditional workplace into ministry himself. Dave's mom is beginning the last phase of degree work, and his Dad is at the start of a driving leg that will bring him to sunny Florida. For all those out there beginning something new, we send our best wishes to you too!

Exciting as all the goings-on are, we are mindful that we are still a baby factory right now, with full knowledge that our peanut will be considered full-term in just two months. Please keep the health of the family in your prayers, and as well the sanity of those that must deal with raging pregnancy hormones.

Picture from Monday, Aug 13 at 30 weeks -
baby is estimated at 15 inches and 3 pounds

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