03 August 2007

Catching Up

It is Lori's third day back to work after being gone to school over three weeks and catching up is the name of the game. Getting ahead, too, since she'll be wrapping up her last week at work before transitioning to a new job on the 16th. Big changes looming, so enjoy the pics below and stay tuned for more from the ever-growing Crawford family...

Pics from the Florida Culver Reunion in June:

Culver girls having a moment

Pics from last weekend's Louisiana/Alabama vacation (Mom, Lori, and Amy):

28 Weeks (about 6.5 months)
At Cafe du Monde in New Orleans

The other graduate

1 comment:

CarolAnne said...

Oh wow, Lori, you look so pretty!
I know you are enjoying this time,
and it will soon be over with your
little sweet baby here.

You are going to be slim again so
easily. All your weight is baby!

Dave, you are looking very happy and Daddy-like! WE LOVE YOU 3!