21 September 2007

Getting ready...

Boy (or girl?), has time flown! We have packed so much into these last 7/8 months that it's hard to believe. Two degrees, a new job, a new bathroom, a couple of vacations to remember, and now the setting up of our newest space - baby's room. You can see in the first picture the room is painted light green (we'll call it sage if we have a girl or army green if it's a boy). Winnie the Poop will also be a common sight, as dad has a fondness for the silly old bear.

Tuesday, September 25th marks the beginning of our "four weeks to go" mark. Please continue to pray for the health of mom, dad and baby as we enter the home stretch!

Daddy Dave hard at work - this mobile is just a hint of the zoo it will be around here soon. :)

Dad with our first diaper purchase. He's smiling because he knows this is a job he will love.

These are both from week 35 of 40. We hear baby should be about 5 pounds and 18 inches at this point. Our guess is that he or she will make one heck of a swimmer as well, for all the somersaults.

In this one, mom's smiling because she knows how soon she gets to go to bed. You can't really see the clock, but it says 8:42pm.

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Rebecca Crawford said...

Now Lori, I don't know if it was intentional or a Freudian thing but good ol' Winnie might not appreciate the new spelling you have come up with for Pooh. However, since you also discuss Dave's eagerness to try out the new diapers, perhaps your spelling is better anyway!! Love you, dad c.