01 October 2007

3 weeks to go...

Can you believe we have just three (or so) weeks to go?!? These days are full of physical comfort and good, restful sleep. (Anyone who knows the last month of pregnancy knows a bit about the true condition of our minds and bodies!)

For example, here is what Lori's feet look like to her. The thought of going that distance to touch her own feet is so intimidating, it's no wonder things that fall on the floor generally get to stay on the floor. It's like circumnavigating the globe just to pick up a shoe.

Inside this big blue blob is baby E - as well as mom's smushed organs. Her meals are small and numerous these days, and typically followed by a dessert of berry-flavored tums. In the last couple of days we've discovered the outie (you see it barely visible 'neath the blueness in this pic) and have made new sleeping arrangements for mom as the couch happens to be the most comfortable sleeping location in our home for her. Oh, we both dream of long stretches of sleep, which these days are anything over 3.25 hours. Fat chance for the next 18 years, eh?

Baby is healthy and growing on schedule. Weekly doc appointments start this week, so we'll learn fun new words like "dilation" and "effaced". And too, the grandparents will be arriving soon, which we are looking forward to.

Please be praying for all the pregnant women out there in this world who don't have it as "easy" as we do. We can't imagine going through this without creature comforts, never mind without enough food to keep from being hungry or clean water or shelter or a doctor to ease our minds. We are blessed by so much, our friends, our family, our means, and in these days, most especially our health.

We send our love to you,
- dave and lori

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