21 October 2009

Cloudy with a chance of hot fudge

We, the Florida Crawfords, braved the airlines for a flight to Baltimore this last weekend. There was rough, home was better. Neither precious little traveler slept the way there, and both were very antsy. Apparently four cubic feet of vertical penned-in play space is not enough for a toddler. Who would have guessed? Abby conked out on the way home, and Matt had his own seat, which meant a glorious 45 minutes of him looking out the window, first at the tarmac, the trucks and trailers, the other airplanes, then of airplanes taking off, then of the runway getting smaller (totally less interesting than the trucks), then of the clouds. We were aimed in such a way that we got to see the sunset for about 5 minutes, since when the light gleamed in at little toots' eyes, he said "too bright" and shut the window shade.

Due to the sprinkling rain the ENTIRE visit, we were stuck inside, but Matt found new things to play with:

And we also celebrated his bday with the family up north (we didn't bring any presents from home, so if you don't see yours here, it did not come along for the ride):

Abby got spoiled with all the warm snuggly arms to hold her:

And here is proof positive that boys do take their fathers' advice:

Anyone want to trade rocks for wheat?

This is on Matt's bday, after a HUGE oreo cookie ice cream and hot fudge plus M&M and Reeses PB cup sundae and before opening presents:

And for those who are photo junkies, here are some random ones of the kids:

Abby posing for halloween

And the latest, greatest 2-kid pic:

Love to all, and we'll send more pics when we get our suitcases unpacked...

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