11 October 2009

talk talk talk

just stories this time:

after a very long afternoon of playing and a little whining (matthew) lori was pretty tuckered out and collapsed on the sofa to listen to some good ol' christian music while the little ones played. must have been sending out the vibe that she was weary because during the song "how beautiful" (twila paris) matthew climbed up on her knee, put his eyes about 6 inches from lori's and said very clearly, "love you". he climbed back down and started dancing again. does it get any sweeter?

this story made me think for a minute about what little 2 year olds understand about love. we adults get that it is very complex - we love chocolate or we love sunsets or we love our parents and it's all love. how i would define love would vastly differ from how matt would define it. it may have at first meant 'night-night' because we mostly say it when we put him down at night but over time must have developed somehow for him to say it out of that context. what a gracious job we have been given to teach someone so impressionable probably the most important emotion, feeling that could ever be taught.

*story 2*
a regular occurrence around here is dinner (although you may not believe it) and when lori cooks it often results in one child who wants to "hep" (matt) and one who wants to be held (abby). the other night, abby starts crying in the other room, and lori, with hands all yucky, asks matt to go talk to abby. he runs into the other room and lori hears, "talk talk talk talk". oh, our literal child.

*story 3*
tonight was dinner out - a treat for mom and dad these days and a feat we don't brave very often. abby lasted in the bucket just until the burgers were delivered (figures) and matt did great, sampling all the fares on the table. when given the option of having another chip with dip (a heart-stopping cheese dip), he saw a box of raisins we threw in the bag just in case, and asked for "waysin".

so in the words of our boy,
love you!

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